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Corner Brook

Corner Brook is the regional centre for business activity in Western Newfoundland.

The port has been a major shipping destination for over a hundred years and provides year round access for paper carriers and container ships.

The Port is well situated geographically for direct shipping routes to the St. Lawrence Seaway and Northern New Brunswick.

1200ft  362m)
Deck Elevation
13.5ft  (4.1m)
Minimun Dockside Depth
30.2ft  (10.1m)
The Bay (Humber Arm)
1 mile  (1.6km) wide
The Bay (Channel Depth)
150ft  (46m)
Turning Basin Diameter
5000ft  (1530m)
Tidal Range
6ft  (2m)

The dock is constructed of reinforced concrete and steel tube pile bents with a modern Arch Fendering system. There is approx.28,000sq metres of space for container storage and a high capacity Crane (53 tonnes) to facilitate the loading and unloading of containers at dock side. In addition two Top Lifts allow quick retrieval and storage of containers within the dock facilities.

The Port of Corner Brook is directly connected to the Trans Canada highway via a four lane arterial road. This provides easy highway access and connections to two airports within an hours drive. The area is also serviced by a regional hospital.

The port can accommodate more than one cruise ship per day and is capable of docking one of the largest in the modern world... The Queen Mary II.

The Port of Corner Brook is well known for its pristine fresh water, which is readily available to visiting ships at minimal cost. 

Position Latitude
48° 57' 30" N
Position Longitude
57 56' 30" W
CHS Charts
#4652 / #4653
Admiralty Chart