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Port activities
Until 1997, the Chandler wharf was used mainly for the commercial operations of the Gaspesia company, shipping newsprint overseas. Since 2003, it has been a stopover on the passenger service to the Magdalen Islands, visited twice weekly from June to the end of September by the vessel CTMA VACANCIER. It also receives shipments of salt for local road de-icing. This wharf is closed from December to April, except in case of need.

Secondary role(s) of facilities
The wharf and approach form a breakwater providing protection for the bay and waterfront properties.

There is no channel between the wharf and navigable waters.

Marine references

  • Lat. 48o20'28" N
  • Long. 64o39'33" W
  • Nautical charts: L/C 4485; L/C 4486 and 4921
  • Tidal range (mean water level): 1,8 m
  • Height of wharf deck: 5,5 m (1)


Storage capacity
Interior: None
 8,400 m2
Area requiring development

Other nearby marine facilities

  • Port of Gaspé (Sandy Beach), 120 km East
  • Port of Paspebiac, 65 km West

Navigation features

  • Occasional need for an icebreaker in the Spring
  • Generally accessible from May to November
  • Turning basin

General and regulatory information:
For all general or regulatory information, please contact the >local port wardens.

Manœuvring area on wharf
Available width: 18 m

Other modes of transportation

  • Highway 132 nearby
  • Railway owned by Société de développement économique et industrielle de Chandler.

Other facilities (2)
Marina of Chandler

Available services

  • Drinking water
  • Fuel
  • Stevedoring
  • Supplies
  • Minor repairs

(1) Based on chart datum

(2) Privately owned or other facilities not under the juridiction of Transport Canada but located within the limits of the port or terminal.

Physical parameters of facilitiesWharf
Berth number1
Length of berth(s) 150,0 m
Original Depth of berth(s) * 9,0 m (1)
Bearing capacity of loading area 50,0 kPa

Communicate with the port/wharf warden:

Jean-Guy Fullum


Office: 418-689-6949
Fax: 418-689-4188



* These depths may vary and are only provided as an order of magnitude. They are subject to change and are not to be used for navigational purposes. Mariners should rather consult nautical charts and NOTSHIPs.

** Note
The information contained in this technical description may be inaccurate as a result of changes that have taken place by the time this document is consulted or as a result of legislative or regulatory changes. This information is provided only as a guide and the Government of Canada is not in any way responsible for its accuracy.