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Located in Central Newfoundland in the Bay of Exploits, Botwood Harbour is entered between Lower Sandy Point and Phillips Head.

The Port of Botwood is the shipping port for pulp and paper products from the mill at Grand Falls-Windsor. It is a centre for the export of fish, wood products and petroleum products and has been used as a base for offshore exploration vessels. Fuel, caustic soda, sulphur and general cargo are imported.

Ideal for sailing and other recreational activities, this sheltered port is visited by ships from all over the world.

Port Data

federal public harbour

Navigational Season: 
year-round with occassional icebreaking assistance

lat.                       49.06N 
long.                    55.22W 
CHS chart           #4597

Transit Wharf 

  • fresh water
  • fuel oil
  • harbour master
  • wharf lighting